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Herald Thank You Program + Sharing Dashboard
Herald Thank You Program + Sharing Dashboard

How to track your progress and redeem prizes from sharing your Hallow Herald Promo Code.

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Note: Given the rapidly evolving nature of supply chain around the world, rewards can only be redeemed for locations in the US and Canada

What is the Thank you program?

It is an optional program that exists for only our Hallow Herald Community.

(Not yet a Herald? Watch this video to sign up!)

We want to thank the members of our community who have gone out and spread the word about Hallow to their friends, family, and community. Heralds can choose to "redeem" certain rewards through their Hallow web portal for having shared their link a certain amount of times. For the purposes of the program, a "share" counts when someone creates an account within Hallow from the link of the Herald. If someone signs up without using the link, this will not count as a share for the purposes of this program.

The items that can be redeemed will change from reward season to reward season, and we welcome your feedback about these options as we continue to iterate on this program.

Any "shares" of the Herald code that count toward the rewards of this season will be from the current rewards period, and the current number will be reflected on your sharing dashboard. At the beginning of a new rewards season, since there will be new rewards to earn, everyone's share count will be reset to 0 for the season. You will still be able to view your past sharing history for other sharing seasons.

What are the items that can be redeemed?

For the current reward season there are 4 potential prizes:

How can I redeem them?

If you are a Herald, you can access them by logging into the Hallow website, then taping on "prizes/rewards" on the left-hand side

How will I know if I received a community prize?

If you are selected for one of the two community prizes, we will e-mail you to inform you you've been selected.

The community prize specifications (time, location, confirmation process) will be communicated to the winner(s) of the prizes after the reward season has concluded.

Other terms and conditions

  1. Rewards cannot be redeemed for a cash alternative

  2. Gift cards cannot be redeemed for an existing paid Hallow subscription

  3. Rewards are non-transferable

  4. Rewards can only be redeemed once, redemption must occur during the respective rewards season, rewards cannot be redeemed from prior seasons

  5. Hallow retains the right to determine winners based on the available data within the system. If you believe there is a discrepancy between your sharing count and how many times you've shared, e-mail and we will resolve these on a case-by-case basis.

  6. Hallow reserves the right to change, update, or otherwise terminate the terms and conditions contained herein

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