What is Hallow?

What is this app? What is Hallow? We answer these questions to help you on your faith journey!

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Hallow is a prayer and meditation app that combines the peace and stillness of meditation with the spiritual growth of contemplative prayer. It features over 10,000 sessions of audio-guided prayers led by world-class talent such as Jonathan Roumie, Fr. Mike Schmitz, Bishop Barron, Mark Wahlberg, Sr. Miriam James SOLT, Jeff Cavins, Dr. Scott Hahn, and more!

Hallow is rooted in the tradition of the Catholic Church but has been built to welcome users of all backgrounds. Hallow features the Bible on its "navigation tab" towards the bottom of the screen and many of the sessions are rooted in Scripture, such as Jeff Cavin's Daily Reflections or Fr. Mike's Bible in a Year.

Don't know where to get started? Open the app and tap on the "Search" icon on the bottom of the screen to search for the "Intro challenge." This will introduce you to different styles of prayer and meditation that we have in the app.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions!

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