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How to create your own Playlist?
How to create your own Playlist?

Set up your praylist or playlist with the Mini Player feature!

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Our Mini Player helps you create your playlist and continue listening to the session where you left off! It’s the little bar showing at the bottom of the app.

How to create a playlist?

  1. On the Hallow app, go to the session you’d like to listen to next.

  2. Tap the three dots icon at the right

  3. Select “Play Next”

  4. You will see the “Successfully added to your queue” message indicating the content been added to your playlist.

  5. Repeat the process again with other sessions you want to listen to next.

Where to see the playlist?

  1. Go to the mini player

  2. Tap to expand it

  3. Select the list icon. It will unfold your playlist

Can I edit the playlist?

Yes. You can edit your playlist, move the order of the prayers, delete them from your playlist, or loop a session on repeat by following the steps here:

How to move the prayers order?

  1. Tap the 2 line icon next to the prayer you want to move

  2. Move it to another position

How to delete a prayer from your playlist?

  1. Tap the session and swipe to the right

  2. Tap the trash icon to delete

How to keep a prayer on a loop?

  1. Go to the playlist icon list

  2. Tap twice the double arrow icon until you see the number 1 icon at the top

  3. Your prayer will repeat on a loop

In this video, we show you how you can create your very own playlist:

We’re always here to help when you need it. You can reach out through this purple chat window on the bottom-right corner or e-mail us at

God bless 🕊️

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