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Prayer Campaign FAQ's

I want to know more about prayer campaigns

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What is a Prayer Campaign?

A prayer campaign is an opportunity to share your prayer requests and invite people to pray with Hallow alongside you for a specified time period for that request. It is also a place for you to join in praying with others for the prayer requests they share.

Do I have to pay to create or participate in campaigns?

No, all prayers within campaigns are free. You can participate fully without a subscription and so can anyone you share a campaign with.

Who has access to campaigns?

Individuals will need to be on version 10.5.0 of the app or greater to access campaigns.

Right now, campaigns are only available to users in the English library.

What if my campaign is running and my prayer request changes or is no longer relevant?

As the creator of a campaign, you can end your campaign early via the more menu in the top right corner or the (...) three-button icon of your campaign if you so choose. Below is an example:

Why haven’t people joined my Prayer Campaign?

Not all campaigns are visible on the Prayer Campaigns page at all times. If a campaign currently has no participants, it is often because it isn't visible on our main page. The best way to get people to join your campaign is to sharing the campaign link which can greatly increase participation!

Why isn't my campaign visible in the main Prayer Campaign feed?

Only a limited number of campaigns are visible publicly in the app at any one time, and all of these campaigns are reviewed and approved by our team at Hallow. Campaigns that are not yet approved for public display or that we've chosen not to highlight are still available immediately as private campaigns and can be shared with friends and family directly.

Can I choose any Hallow Prayer to use for my campaign?

The Prayer Campaigns feature is initially launching with 16 prayer collections for you to choose from. We may expand the available options in the future.

Is there a way for us to respond or acknowledge those who left messages for my prayer campaign?

There is currently not a way to respond to the notes of support that people leave in your prayer campaign.

If you want to find prayer campaigns, click the button below:

We’re always here to help when you need it. You can reach out through this purple chat window on the bottom-right corner or e-mail us at

God bless 🕊️

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