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When to Create a Campaign?
When to Create a Campaign?

If you need info on when to start a prayer campaign, this article should provide the answers you're looking for!

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Campaigns are an opportunity to rally people together in prayer. Please create a campaign when you or your loved one is in need. Below is a short list of a few common examples of when you might want to create a prayer campaign:

  • For the repose of someone’s soul when they’ve passed

  • For families and friends who have lost loved ones

  • For anyone with a recent medical diagnosis or an upcoming treatment or surgery

  • For anyone seeking freedom from addiction

  • For the fruitfulness of upcoming events and retreats

  • For the protection and guidance for anyone going on mission

  • For anyone in a period of discernment

  • For struggling relationships

  • For those struggling to conceive

  • For anyone in a period of challenging transitions in life

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