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What is Hallow?
Why the name "Hallow"?
Why the name "Hallow"?

Why did you pick this name? What does it mean?

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The reason why we chose the name “Hallow,” is the following; One of the prayer types that Hallow offers is called Lectio Divina, where the user reads a passage from scripture or a prayer, identifies a word or phrase that sticks out to them, and continues to meditate on that word or phrase.

The first time that Hallow's CEO & Co-founder, Alex, prayed through Lectio Divina, he was meditating on the Our Father and 'hallow' was the word that stuck out to him from the phrase 'hallowed be thy name'. Furthermore, the word itself means "to make holy", and that is the core of Hallow's mission: to let God hallow our lives, and to help others do the same.

You can check out this blog, where Hallow's CEO, Alex takes about The Hallow Story:

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God bless 🕊️

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