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What is Hallow?
Who creates all of your content for Hallow?
Who creates all of your content for Hallow?

How do we create and write the content? Can you trust Hallow’s content?

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Our content team is currently led by three passionate folks, all with degrees (both masters and undergraduate) and backgrounds in theology.

Two have theology degrees from the University of Notre Dame (one Master’s and the other undergraduate) and the other is currently finishing his Master in Divinity (MDiv).

Those are the folks who do the leg work on the content, but we also have a group of senior advisors who help to review, brainstorm, edit, and provide guidance on our scripts to varying degrees to make sure the content is the highest possible quality (includes PhD’s in theology, professors of spirituality, authors, Bishops etc.).

All of our content is based in Catholic teaching and we are working closely with leaders of the Catholic Church to make sure all of the content is always 100% in line with Church teaching, but the hope is that Hallow can be a resource for help those of all faith backgrounds regardless of denomination.

Are all content in the Hallow app based on the teachings of the Catholic Church?

It is super important to us to be 100% in line with Catholic teaching and we have gone to great lengths to ensure this. Aside from the fact that our content team has solid background in theology, if there is ever something that they are unsure about, we also have faith leaders as advisors that we are constantly checking in with to make sure we are holding faithful to the doctrines.

In fact, the head of the Doctrine of Committee for the USCCB (Bishop Kevin Rhoades) is one of our advisors and has publicly endorsed the app himself, saying “Hallow is an excellent resource for people searching for deeper spiritual lives, especially the younger generation of Catholics today. (You can also check out this link here for our list of advisors:

It helps make clear that a relationship with God is and can be extremely personal and can be a great source of peace, joy, and strength.” You can find this quote on the home page of our website.

We also have an article in NCR that endorses us as well, written by Sue Brinkmann, who wrote the book “A Catholic Guide to Mindfulness” and has been endorsed herself. You can find the article here.

We’re always here to help when you need it. You can reach out through this purple chat window on the bottom-right corner or e-mail us at

God bless 🕊️

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