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How to use the Bible in Hallow as well as new steps on navigation

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We are so excited to now offer the Holy Bible (translation is NRSV) in the Hallow app! We know putting the Bible front and center means there are a few changes to how you find prayers in Hallow.

New Tabs:

Previous Tabs:

"Meditate" "Sleep" and "Music" tabs have been combined into the "Search" Tab!

(You can tap on the magnifying glass)

Find Prayers in Hallow

The exact same prayers found previously on the Sleep, Meditate and Music tab are now available by tapping on the new "search tab" (denoted by a magnifying glass). These 3 categories are listed at the top and are joined by other helpful categories such as Rosaries, Bible in a Year, Jonathan Roumie, Saints and more.

You’ll notice that the structure of the content in these categories is slightly different than they were on the tabs, but the sections on the page are directly reflective of the scrolling sections you used to see across the top of any of the tabs previously. Of course, if you still cannot find something you are looking for, you can always type directly into the Search bar at the top of the page, as the Search function is now more powerful than ever before! You’ll notice that you can filter your Search results by collection, session, category, and more!

Daily Readings

You can now check out the Daily Readings within Hallow!

  1. Tap on the Bible tab to access the Daily Readings section.

  2. By default, you will see the Daily Readings that align with the Mass readings for the current day. These readings are being read throughout the Church.

  3. To view the Daily Readings from a different day, tap the date in the top right corner. You can also swipe from right to left to navigate to past or upcoming readings within the week.

  4. If you want to explore more about the daily Scripture, look for the "Further Listening" section.

  5. Tap on the "Further Listening" section to dive deeper into the daily Scripture and access additional resources or related content.

Bible Navigation

  1. Open the left-hand menu by tapping the Daily Readings header in the top left corner or swiping from left to right.

  2. Choose any book of the Bible from the menu.

  3. Open the chapter menu by tapping the chapter number in the top right corner or swiping from right to left.

  4. Scroll up and down on either menu to view more books or chapters of the selected book.

Bible Preferences

  1. Open the left-hand menu to access Bible preferences.

  2. Tap the translation in the top left corner to change your preferred translation. You can also choose a different language for the translation if desired.

  3. Tap the "Tt" icon in the top right corner to adjust the text size and switch between light and dark mode.

Bible Search

  1. Open the left-hand menu on the Bible tab.

  2. Tap the Search bar to search for specific verses, books, or keywords in the Bible. OR Go to the search tab and start typing your search to initiate the Bible search.

  3. Filter your search results by selecting the "bible" option from the top pill filters.

We’re always here to help when you need it. You can reach out through this purple chat window on the bottom-right corner or e-mail us at support@hallow.app

God bless 🕊️

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