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I have a trial or subscription but I'm locked out of the community challenge!
I have a trial or subscription but I'm locked out of the community challenge!

How to join Lent Pray40, or another community challenge, when you know you have a subscription but the app is telling you to unlock content.

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If you know you have a trial or subscription but are unable to access our community challenge (i.e. Pray40, July with Jesus, etc...) OR when trying to, you're getting the prompt to subscribe, it could be you're logged into the wrong account.

Please follow the steps below:

1. Log Out of the Current Account:

2. Log In Using Your Original Method:

It's important to log back in using the same method you originally used.

Using the correct login method is crucial to accessing your original account data, including your streak.

  • For Email: Please choose "Continue with Number or Email" and "Use Email Instead". Be sure that you are inserting your email address and your password.

  • For Phone: Please choose "Continue with Number of Email"

  • For Apple/Google Sign-in: If you typically sign in through Apple or Google, please choose the "Continue with Apple/Google" option instead.

3. After logging in with the correct method, you should be able to access all of the paid content, including the community challenge.

You can find the community challenge on the Home Page or via the search bar.

If you're still facing issues or if you're unsure of your original login method, please provide the following to

  • Your full name

  • Any possible email addresses you could have used

  • Your phone number

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